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Wavy Curly Textured Hair

This texture lives on a spectrum. Curls range from: loose loop to coarse, to thick "S" shaped ringlets.

•Type 2 texture is typically flatter at the root and lays close to the head, getting curlier from the ears down.

•This hair type is full of body, climate dependent (Humidity = Frizz), and damage prone. Lack of proper care renders dull curls.

•The key to guaranteeing effortless, frizz free curls is proper styling product application.

Tips: 1. Always start with fresh clean hair 2. Deep condition and rinse with cool water to lock in moisture and reduce frizz 3. Use a light weight leave-in conditioner before applying styling products

Curly, Extra Curly Textured Hair

This hair type has lots of body and movement, but can be prone to frizz and lacks luster.

•This hair type doesn't have a lot of sheen, but it has lots of body. It straightens when wet, and curls when it dries.

Tips: 1. Always start with fresh clean hair 4. To reduce frizz when styling your curls, 2. Deep condition regularly and rinse with cool water don’t brush your hair 3. Use leave-in conditioner daily 5. Use a towel to dry

Coily, Extra Coily Textured Hair

Coily hair, commonly referred to as kinky hair or afro textured hair, can appear to be very dry and spongy in texture. But, in reality it's very soft, fine, and delicate. Each strand ranges between fine and coarse, and requires a good balance of protein and moisture. This texture knots very easily, and is the most fragile of the hair types.

Tips: 1. Always start with fresh clean hair (1) Clean gently, detangle softly and avoid harsh chemicals. Sulfate free shampoo’s, good deep conditioners, natural oils and moisturizing creams work well for this texture. 2. Comb and detangle your hair when its wet and coated with conditioner and rinse with cool water 3. Always use a good detangling comb or brush or use your fingers