After you shampoo with Clean Slate shampoo, use ReHydrate intense moisture conditioner under a dryer for 20 min with a plastic cap. Then rinse the conditioner out of your hair with lukewarm water, and add Moist Restore leave in conditioner. Following this step, add a little Twist and Texture Curl primer. Then add either Curl Sauce, Set It Off Mousse or XTRA Curls gel to twist or style your curls 


If you're twisting your hair on blow dried hair only use the Twist and texture Curl Primer cream to twist with. 

(After the first 4 steps) 


If you're twisting on wet hair , you don’t need to use all three (curl sauce, set it off or xtra curls gel) use either or ( after the 4 steps) to see which one hold your curls best 


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