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Gloss - My Curl Products
Gloss - My Curl Products
Gloss - My Curl Products
Gloss - My Curl Products


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MY CURL Gloss is the perfect, extra-strength hair product that protects your hair and eliminates frizz in any climate. A blend of highest grade ingredients provides a protective barrier, reduces heat damage friction and leaves your hair shiny. Don’t let your hair win the battle!


1. Use our favorite shampoo CLEAN SLATE.

2. For best results, add a healthy squeeze of GLOSS to your conditioner. Mix them together in the palm of your hand. Apply, starting at the ends and working up to the scalp.

3. Squeeze out excess water, and while the hair is still damp: Squeeze a bit of GLOSS in palm and rub hands together. Add more as needed to control frizz. Dry with a blower or let dry naturally. Style with a flat iron or curling iron (no round brush necessary). For African-American hair, massage another dime or quarter’s worth of GLOSS into the roots and brush. This will give you extra protection in high humidity or when working out. Flat Iron CAUTION!!! Hair must be completely dry and covered with GLOSS prior to flat ironing. • Apply the same way as instructions describe above.

Optional: After drying, add more GLOSS if your hair is very thick and coarse or you’re in very high humidity. • Turn flat iron up to 450ºF, no less then 400ºF. (Lower temps may not work as well against reversion.)

Natural Curls

• Apply the same way as instructions describe above. • Add GLOSS to fingertips and separate curls gently for extra protection, curl definition, and shine. (Ne need to brush.)

For African-American hair types, we suggest using GLOSS messy-dry your hair, then use your curling iron. The curls will come out extremely shiny, defined, and protected. Rake through a little more GLOSS. Frizz, straight, or wavy hair

• Apply LESS than described above. (No need to apply at the roots unless they tend to frizz.) • Blow dry with a round brush or hands.

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