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My Curl Curl Foaming Mousse

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Curl Foaming Mousse-
Try our new CURL FOAMING MOUSSE, specifically designed to act as a cushion between(no apostrophe) you hair and styling agent, for maximum moisture, body, and shine. This product is a "Curly Girls' " secret weapon, as it can be used forWash-n-Go's, Twist styles, Set's, and also a refresher for 2nd-3rd day hair.

Features & Benefits-
Instantly penetrating the hair shaft to promote maximum absorption, this product helps to revive your curls for noticeable shine, moisture and volume.

Usage Instructions-
  • After shampooing and conditioning, section your hair into four parts and use  MyCurl Moist Restore leave-in conditioner to detangle.
  • After detangling, apply the MyCurl Foaming Mousse in small sections (for best results) from root to shaft.
  • After the product has been evenly distributed throughout your hair, sit under a hooded dryer or diffuse for best results
  • When using as a refresher, always apply with water for best results.
My Curl Curl Foaming Mousse

My Curl Curl Foaming Mousse