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My Curl Curl Sauce Gel

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MyCurl  Curl Sauce
Our special curl sauce recipe is a lightweight creamy gel, that is designed to enhance all natural hair textures. Formulated with key natural ingredients like: Flaxseed extracts and Marshmallow Root, our special sauce defines and moisturizes your curls for long lasting results.

Features & Benefits:
This non-sticky curl defining formula provides a medium hold with just the right amount of moisture and shine. It is a great styling agent for Wash-n-Go's and twist styles, as it doesn't cause flakiness or crunchiness in the hair. 

Usage Instructions:
  • After shampooing and conditioning, towel-blot  your hair and apply Moist Restore leave-in conditioner
  • Detangle from root to ends using a wide tooth comb
  • Apply MyCurl Sauce in small sections (for best results) from root to shaft
  • After the product has been evenly distributed throughout your hair, sit under a hooded dryer or diffuse (for best results)
My Curl Curl Sauce Gel

My Curl Curl Sauce Gel